Gouna film festival opening

Dubai Autism society event

Gemma Shoot

Concrete Plus Documentation Film

Grand Egyptian Museum

oppo F9 launching event

careem digital ad in sahel

Rotana Sohour

Alyssah summer collection

Gouna squash tournament opening


OMD Annual Party

ALEX Bank Booth

Shubra banha road digital ad

Gouna polo tournament

Cairo film festival opening cermony

Fp7 agency 50 years event

Vodafone Red digital ad

Edfu temple event

Orange Dolphin digital ad

United Nations IOM film festival event

Fresh food recipes

Four Seasons Ramadan digital ad

Mercedes digital ad in gouna polo tournament

Schlumberger 80 years event

Miss Egypt digital ad

Mitcha interview

TD Design Show room

Eva mother's day digital ad

ARAB Bank Branch shoot

Seat activation in north coast

Tetra Pack mother's day digital ad

Orange happiness digital ad

WE Telecom ICT event 2018

Ever Grow digital ad

Activex activation in city stars

Power Horse event

Inertia Ramadan event

Palm Hills event

British petroleum event - Magician

Mona Petit Seafood factory

Anchor receipt shoot

Gb auto academy documentary

Cairo Runners

Film el DEEF opening ceremony

Futaim team building 2

ElFit event

Kia event

kriss magazine photo shoot

two owls editorial shoot fashion model

Bonat Masr event

Samsung ICT conference event

Biritich council

Duru activation in city stars

Shosha Kamal Design digital ad

Maroon tailor digital ad

Chipsy Ramadan activation

skittels Activation

Novartis event

Hand Ball celebration

NIVEA Mother 's day activation

Activex activation in Gezira club

Sodic spring 2016 event

LEAP Nursery Shoot

Destination Africa event

Gouna film festival closing cermony

fashion digital ad

katameya Ramadan event

TOTAL CAF Activation

Snickers Activation

Mirage Mall flash mob

Novartis internal ad

Mahrgan Stella beer digital ad

Black & white event (music show)

Evy Baby activation in Gezira club

Hassan Allam data center timelapse

La Poire willy cake digital ad

DASAR Fashion shoot

British petroleum conference

oppo idol event

Barbican activation north coast

Ahram Beverages event

Samsung conference

Futim team building

Cairo Film festival closing cermony

WE Telecom ICT event 2017

two owls editorial photoshoot making

Two owls editorial shoot

Sanofi event

Narrative event

Gouna film festival ( days)

unilever event

Black & white event (fashion)

Mohra Fashion designer event

Seat activation in North coast -second video

7abba 7abba food videos

Chipsy activation

Orange mesa7araty in Ramdan

British Petroleum event 2017

Heineken safety shield event

Mirage Mall flash mob

Sodic Christmas festival bazar_ night

sodic spring festival

Black & white event (full version)

Brufen Billboards digital ad

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Sodic winter festival

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Baraclays Bank event

Toshiba Al Araby Event

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Kasrawy event

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CFC 1 year of celebretion

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Cairo festival mall event

Sea Star food recipes

Heineken kids drawings project

Luxe Activation

MIRINDA Activation

Mirage mall flash mob

Cairo festival mall festival-Orchestra

Maroon tailor 59 sec digital ad

Sodic spring festival

CFC fashion mob

Mall of Arabia activation

Mentos Extra Activation

Persil Activation

We are Silent Shutter studios based , a team of cinematographers based in Cairo travelling all around the country shooting  , we shoot  videos for us and for other agencies as well , as  you may find some work owned by OJO studios ,   EDGE studios