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We are Silent Shutter studios, founded in 2013 and based in Cairo.

during those years we had covered thousands of events with a wide broad of different events, from corporate events to film festivals and from 2k+ weddings to presidential special moments.

we shot on the cutting edge high technology cameras, with a full set of pro lights and gear, our team are expanding day after day to fulfill the most challenging shooting situations.

without further due , here are our links for all information needed :

contact number : 0122 2626467

Email : info@silentshutter.net

Website : www.silentshutter.net

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Silent Shutter studios :


4 Badee Khayri, behind Macdonalds Nady Alshams

1st floor, apartment on the left Location on map :                                                   


Reservations coordinator contact number : 01202351013

Available days : Sunday through Thursday 4pm till 9pm

we appreciate your visit , please contact the reservations coordinator in advance to set a meeting , a pick up or to put a deposit